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We know about impossible. You do, too. Pleasing everyone. Changing someone’s mind about politics or religion. Folding a fitted sheet.

So when a large healthcare client asked us to help them find more hours in the day, a quieter but equally effective way to communicate and across-the-board increases in patient satisfaction, we needed a moment.

We learned a long time ago to trust technology to do some amazing things. Especially when we enter into it all believing that technology doesn’t replace people, it simply frees us up to be better at what we were trying to do in the first place.

So that’s where we started. How could we free up a nurse manager who was spending up to four hours (yes, four hours!) a day trying to fill open shifts? By automating her phone calls—and how people replied—it literally created more hours in her day to do her job, train, lead and, most importantly, care for patients.

And when the overhead PA was being used for everything from Codes to calls for housekeeping, noise levels were through the roof. So we installed a system of small LED scrolling signs for silent, visual ways to communicate routine, non-emergency messages.

This solved two problems: it gave the hospital staff a quieter way to communicate with each other and made the emergency PA messages even more noticeable. Arguably, a win/win.

But it also made patients happier. Patients who were resting and recuperating and generally not thrilled with non-stop noise. This translated into higher patient satisfaction scores and reimbursement levels for the hospital.

All good things—things some of us believed were impossible at the outset. Now about that fitted sheet.

Want to READ MORE about this hospital and how we helped to turn things around for them? Be our guest. And let us know what you think if you have a chance.

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