(News Release)

Layered Solutions, an Indianapolis-based provider of integrated daily and emergency communications software solutions, announced the availability of Visual Campus at no additional cost with various modules of its interface.

Visual Campus enables safety and security leaders to view potential threats and suspicious activities across their entire campus from a single dashboard, and deploy instant alerts to various audiences.

Spotting and stopping threats at schools, businesses & more

On a given day, a lot happens throughout school, hospital, commercial and government campuses. On a good day, no one slips out of restricted exits, no intruders slip in, no alarm, weather events or suspicious activities disrupt operations.

But what happens when a potential threat eludes the precautions safety and security teams put in place? How quickly can they spot and neutralize risks to staff, customers and visitors?

With Visual Campus, organization leaders can instantly see incidents that need their attention, so they can stop them from snowballing into full-blown threats to people and property under their care.

Getting disparate emergency and communications technologies to work together

Visual Campus is a security hub that displays visual alerts to abnormal activity, pulling data from a variety of emergency and communications technologies, including:

  • Fire alarms
  • Access controls
  • Audio PA/intercom
  • Security cameras
  • Shooter detection system
  • Two-way radio
  • LCD panels and digital signage
  • LED signage
  • Visual PA
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Missing child/person alert
  • Door and card access
  • Phone systems
  • Wireless panic buttons
  • PC alerts
  • Email, SMS, pagers
  • Browsers
  • Mobile app

Technology Solutions for Faster Emergency Response and Resolution

“Within seconds, Visual Campus delivers more data in one central dashboard than any other solution, so the user doesn’t have to jump around to numerous applications to see what’s happening on their campus,” said Jerry Geis, Layered Solutions President. “That means they can respond to crises in seconds with a lot more actionable data to prevent harm to people across their campus,” he explained.

To make that possible, a “hot keys” function lets users interact with large groups or expedite a response, skipping manual processes. And a two-way chat feature provides an additional channel for engaging security staff.

Visual Campus is included, at no extra cost, with various modules in Layered Solutions’ interface including InterCom+: an added bonus to integrating mass notification technologies so organizations can reach more people faster, easier, and affordably.

Users can request a demo by contacting (317) 564-3208 or layeredsolutions.com/contact.