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Salt Lake City, UT – March 2024

Utah has taken a significant stride in school safety with the recent enactment of House Bill 84, affectionately known as Alyssa’s Law. This new legislation is a tribute to Alyssa Alhadeff, a bright life lost in the heart-wrenching Parkland school tragedy in 2018. It requires the installation of silent panic alarms across all public K-12 schools in the state.

Signed into law by Governor Spencer Cox, Alyssa’s Law gained strong support across party lines. The law’s main feature is a silent alarm system directly connected to local law enforcement, ensuring that help is just a silent alert away during any school crisis.

This proactive measure by Utah highlights a robust commitment to not just reacting to threats, but preemptively tackling them. With these advanced silent alarms, teachers, students, and parents can feel more secure, knowing that systems are in place to act swiftly in emergencies.

Utah now joins a list of forward-thinking states that have adopted Alyssa’s Law, a movement growing stronger by the day, aimed at making school environments as safe as possible.

For further details on Alyssa’s Law and how you can ensure your school complies please visit our Alyssa Law resource page.