Confirm Threats in Schools

It’s a scary thought, but what if a school fire alarm is pulled in order to bring students or staff outside for a worse threat? Many states, including Indiana, have extended the window of time for student evacuations in order for schools to check for signs of a fire and rule out an active shooter/lockdown situation first. With our easily accessible technology, Layered Solutions can help you make this confirmation in order to quickly send the correct message to your students.

Changing state regulations

As of 2018, Indiana schools have the option to delay a full-school evacuation by up to three minutes after a fire alarm is signaled, giving faculty time to check for signs of a fire and rule out any other threats. This safety measure was passed by state lawmakers in light of multiple school shootings where attackers pulled the fire alarm, sending students and staff out of their classrooms and turning them into easier targets. Many schools have taken advantage of this three-minute delay, but in a stressful situation, even three minutes is a short time to confirm where a threat is coming from, which is where Layered Solutions comes in. 

Using Visual Campus to confirm a threat

The recently updated Visual Campus user interface from Layered Solutions is easy-to-use software that can be utilized on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing schools to deploy a message to the entire school (or even just specific areas) with the tap of one button. LSI can integrate with your existing systems to notify students of emergency alerts or daily communication, giving administration the flexibility to use that three-minute delay to confirm a threat. 

Visual Campus can access your school’s security cameras and alert systems to identify the location of the tripped fire alarm and pull up nearby cameras to look for signs of a fire or any suspicious activity. In either situation, the correct emergency message can be quickly deployed and followed by students.

Making your school alerts more efficient

The ultimate goal of Layered Solutions is to learn our clients’ emergency protocols (especially in K-12 schools) and help make them better and more efficient. For example, if a school’s procedure for a lockdown is 15 steps long (locking doors, sending alerts, etc.) we can help automate as many processes as possible and reduce the time it takes to notify students and get them to safety. 

Layered Solutions focuses primarily on software that can integrate your existing technology or hardware, even systems that would not usually be connected, to make them easier and faster to use. When you see a usual school front office with multiple screens for working or identifying visitors to the building, multiple phones for contacting classrooms, external parties or hallway intercoms … that’s where we see an opportunity. In many cases, we can integrate all of these functions into one device!

If you would like to learn more about the technology that can be deployed in your school district, contact Layered Solutions at 317-564-3208 or request a demo today. We’d be honored to create innovative solutions to keep you and your students safe.

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