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Is your school intercom and paging system outdated?

Does your administrative team’s work station look simply overwhelming? The No. 1 sign of a dated school intercom system is a lot of hardware taking up space. If you take closer look, you might see

  • A work computer
  • 3 different hardwired phones
    • one standard phone to communicate externally and internally
    • an admin phone for the intercom system
    • phone to communicate with visitors to allow entrance and a video screen to potentially see them.
  • A room extensions print out, so you know where to call.
  • A desktop microphone used for an all school page

All those separate pieces of equipment are required to deliver routine announcements or to just call down for Johnny to come meet his mom in the office to go to the dentist.

You know there has to be a better way. You know that your school’s paging and intercom system is outdated for today’s technology, but replacing the entire system is price prohibitive so what do you do?

Upgrade your school intercom and paging system cost effectively

Your school’s intercom system is obsolete. Advancing your user interface can happen without a complete overhaul. To meet budgetary constraints, consider utilizing your working analog devices and cabling while replacing with IP as needed to eventually be a full, IP-notification system or simply remain a hybrid system for years.

You need a robust, flexible school communication system as the true headend that offers all the paging, bell scheduling and additional features that are expected and desired today. Built with expansion in mind for additional features you didn’t even think about … like visual maps of your building or direct to PC-alert capabilities.

Don’t settle for just an intercom system. Your school notification system needs flexibility and scalability so features that might be out of your budget this year get allocated and implemented next year. You can proactively work toward having your intercom and paging system being integrated into a full IP mass notification system designed especially for your school, your campus and your students.

InterCom+ from Layered Solutions is a complete hybrid school intercom system. School districts who implement InterCom+ work at their own pace and budget to get to a fully IP-based system. You can maintain and replace a current analog infrastructure or anything in between.

Hybrid and IP-based system key features:

  • Pre-configured and fully customizable messages (including text-to-speech) and
  • Visual Campus – users can zoom in and out on different buildings and/or floors, giving them the ability to page district-wide or by buildings in an instant eliminating the need for the extension print out.

Need a solution customized for you? Schedule a strategy session, today.