Layered Solutions Fire Alarm System Integration

Fire Alarm Integration 

There are many things to look for when considering a fire alarm system integration. Integrated fire alarm systems may include fire detection, reliable monitoring and integration with mass notification systems. 

The term integration can be vague as features and capabilities vary from one fire alarm system integration to another. Here, you’ll learn about key differences between a universal fire alarm connection and a truly customized fire integration system. 

What Is a “Universal” Fire Alarm Connection?

A universal fire alarm connection happens via relay outputs of a fire alarm system.  System engineers call this the control relay module in the fire alarm system. Relays function like a light switch. They are on, or they are off. For example, you could have an alarm happening on a fire panel and the “switch” (relay) turns on and sends that signal to a third party system like LSI or one of our competitors. Then the integrated platform automatically sends a notice to connected end points.

Fire Alarms vs. Trouble Signal in a Multiple Control Relay Module System

When needed, fire alarm integrated systems can connect multiple relays to give more depth and ability to the integration. Typically you will find one relay is for an actual “fire alarm” and another relay for a “trouble alarm.” The trouble alarm is basically an error message. For example, a sensor could be bad or not connecting which is “fault”. It is not a true signal of a fire happening.

This fire alarm integration method is very common amongst our competition. We certainly do this as well. Many will promote fire alarm integration on their sites, but really there is minimal information being transferred from the fire alarm system to the integrated system and beyond.

LSI Fire Alarm System Integration

In addition to the above fire alarm integration, Layered Solutions includes a more in-depth data feed of the fire alarm panel. We can do this a couple ways, but a common method is a serial output connection. We provide a device that takes a constant feed from the panel and LSI software takes the data in and filters it. 

Instead of just an alert that “a fire is happening” (like the universal description above) you receive more in depth information like: 

  • WARNING – Fire Alarm Pulled at Fire Alarm Pull Station in Cafeteria at ABC Elementary Building
  • WARNING – Carbon Monoxide Detected at Fire Alarm CO Station in Boiler Room at ABC Middle School Building
  • TROUBLE – Issue with Duct Sensor in IT Room at ABC High School Building 

So you receive more detailed information allowing you to respond quickly and appropriately to an actual emergency, a system error or a curious child that pulled the fire alarm. Utilizing the fire alarm serial output connection allows you to instantly view a map of all the devices as long as the fire alarm system is addressable. And with Visual Campus you’ll be able to easily pull up the closest camera or cameras.

Layered Solutions fire integration experts can customize additional emergency safety notifications for you including:

  • Unique messages tailored to certain zones with mass notifications delivered to the appropriate personnel. This is especially helpful if one panel is covering many buildings, your message is filtered and delivered to the correct personnel based off of what building it is occurring in.
  • Messages can be displayed on LED signs, PC pop-up alerts, SMS and mobile app depending on your preferences 
  • Pre-recorded emergency messages can be automatically launched to the PA system and Voice Evac 

The bottom line — our fire alarm system integration technology allows you to receive significantly more information from an alarm. So ultimately, you can do more with it faster. And expedite your reaction to potentially save lives, reduce  troubleshooting error issue headaches, and perhaps even find that curious child who pulled the alarm. 

Layered Solution’s mass notification platform integrates with fire alarm systems. We take the system you have or work with your installer to enhance the reach of the system.  Whether your building is a stand-alone with one fire alarm panel or you manage a campus with multiple large buildings and numerous disparate fire alarm panels, we’ll help you engineer a solution that enhances the cohesiveness and reach of your system(s).

Interested in learning more about our fire alarm system integration technology? Schedule a chat today.

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