You might have noticed a spike in emergency preparedness activities and investment by colleges and universities in the last year or two. It’s not surprising: History has taught us that skimping on emergency preparedness comes at a tremendous cost to an organization’s operations, finances and reputation, not to mention lives — real people, impacted forever when tragedy strikes.

Below we highlight training videos developed by three universities to help prepare their campuses for high-risk scenarios.

Of course, not every strategy is right for every organization, and these training videos aren’t meant as best-in-class endorsements. But it’s certainly helpful to know how your peers are communicating emergency response practices with their audiences.

University of Central Florida
Video theme: active shooter training

UCF’s four-minute video explains the Run, Hide, Fight active shooter response — a tactic endorsed by the Department of Homeland Security. UCF has shown the video at new student and faculty orientations, departmental meetings, emergency trainings, and other campus events.


High Point University

Video theme: identifying crime risk areas, reducing risks

Certain campus areas are more susceptible to crime than others, says High Point. In this video for the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators, High Point helps security professionals identify high-risk areas and ways to reduce risks.

University of Delaware

Video theme: using humor to promote campus safety hotline

In this spoof of “Hotline Bling,” a song by rapper Drake, the University of Delaware encourages students to call the university’s police department if they feel unsafe.