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  • When looking for support on LSI system integrations, we want to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. This is why we've replaced help tickets with immediate, personal support.

    Please contact us to get started:

    317-564-3208  |  support@layeredsolutionsinc.com

    As a client, key support services are included with your Annual Support Agreement. We also offer custom support options to meet your needs 24/7.

    Standard and customized support options include:

    • PROJECT COORDINATION: Key installation equipment installs, onsite software set-up, consulting, programming and training.

    • INSTALLATION SUPPORT: Technical experts to assist with, confirm and manage all installation, functionality and troubleshooting.

    • REMOTE SUPPORT: Phone and email support from technical engineers to diagnose hardware failures and troubleshoot system operation.

    • ONGOING TRAINING: Onsite and remote training for system administrator and team members. SEE AVAILABLE TRAINING BELOW.

    • UPDATES & ENHANCEMENTS: Initial kick-off and training and additional repair and troubleshooting onsite visits available upon request. 

    • ONSITE SUPPORT: Initial kick-off and training and additional repair and troubleshooting onsite visits available upon request. 

    • 24/7 AVAILABILITY: Standard support hours as well as 24/7 assistance from experienced engineers available upon request. 

  • Training Events

    Application and User Training Program

    A course that covers the basic and advanced features of message creation and delivery through the Layered Solutions user interface. Interactive instruction and labs allow students to learn and practice how to define users and messages for effective communication throughout their organization. Upon completion of this program, advanced users and system administrators will be fully prepared to instruct basic users on specific messaging functions.

    Technical Training Program

    A course dedicated to the details of hardware configuration and system set-up required for daily organizational use. Interactive instruction and labs provide students with an in-depth knowledge of Layered Solutions hardware and application configuration and set-up. Upon completion of this program, clients, partners and field service specialists will have the knowledge to deploy and support Layered Solutions clients onsite.

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