In working with Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC), Layered Solutions receives high marks for improvements to both patient and staff communications, saving time and money. 

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  • Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC)

    Company Overview

    Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) is a 222-bed 501(C)(3) not-for-profit hospital in Portsmouth, Ohio, providing emergency and surgical care, as well as a wide range of healthcare services. Since 1954, it has been their mission to make a true difference in the lives of patients, employees, and the surrounding community. As a rural hospital and one of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work in America, SOMC strives to achieve and sustain exceptional results in safety, quality of care, service, relationships, and financial performance.

    Key Challenges

    According to Jeanie Taylor, Telecommunications System Support Specialist for Southern Ohio Medical Center, the rurally located healthcare system needed a flexible mass notification system that could wear many hats. “We were looking for a mass notification system for on-call staff, codes and emergencies.

    Most of the systems we looked at were very ‘cookie cutter’ and offered us no customized options,” she said. “We really needed the flexibility to create customized lists as well as custom list managers. Before we talked to Jerry Geis, these options were off the table for us.”


    Geis, the founder and president of Layered Solutions, Inc., worked with SOMC to develop the custom solutions necessary to communicate with both staff and patients as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    “Jerry and his team provided the needed flexibility in creating customized lists and was both willing and accommodating in customizing to meet our needs,” said Taylor. “His dedication and support were instrumental in our choice of Layered Solutions to continue supporting the system as well as adding additional components.”


    According to Taylor, Layered Solutions’ mass notification and communication solutions saved the healthcare system time and money as well as improved patient relationships. “Our patients really appreciate the reminder calls for appointments and the follow up calls,” she noted. “Before the automatic system, it was virtually impossible for us to call everyone on the list. To even make the calls we did took one person all day.”

    Likewise, the efficiency it provides the hospital is invaluable. “Our discharge process has been greatly improved with the automated system. No longer do new patients need to wait an hour or an hour and a half for paperwork processing, etc. Our housekeeping crews are able to get in and get the room ready for the next patient almost immediately.”

    The integration of the mass notification software has also created a bit of a surprise factor. “We are two hours from everything. Patients are pleasantly surprised at our level of technology and efficiencies for such a small and remotely located hospital system,” said Taylor. “It’s important we offer our patients the best possible care.”

    From the Client

    “We really needed the flexibility to create customized lists as well as custom list managers. Before we talked to Jerry Geis, these options were off the table for us.”








    Since their initial engagement in 2009, Geis has worked with SOMC to create additional mass notification and communication solutions including:

    • LED and Visual POE signs where overhead paging isn’ t heard (marquee scroll and flashing strobes)
    • Automatic updates to profiles for five different departments that trigger patient reminder calls customized to prevent disclosure of private health information. 
    • Automatic follow up calls to emergency department patients.
    • Integrated mass notification with fire alarms to trigger PC Alerts.
    • A custom SMS text messaging system that bypasses the exchange server to expedite an immediate message.
    • Integration with a bed management system to immediately notify housekeeping when a room is available.