• Phone Integration

    Automatically push event- and motion-activated, live camera views to administration, security and first responders.



    • Eliminate call trees and needless delays.
    • Automate critical calls and alert codes, reducing response time.
    • Conference-in decision-makers at a moment’s notice.




    • Bring key people into conference calls instantly.
    • English and Spanish text-to-speech supported.
    • Automate emergency/alert codes.
    • Reach individuals or groups by phone with pre-recorded or text-to-speech messages.




    • Reduce response time when sharing routine or emergency information.
    • Faster, easier assembly of decision-makers via instant conference calls.
    • Faster decision-making and resolution, particularly during emergencies.

    Integration to client’s phone system is accomplished through a VoIP/SIP, PRI or T1. The number of simultaneous phones calls will determine the number of voice port licenses required. Communication with client’s phone vendor will be necessary to complete the interface and purchase of additional SIP trunks needed.



    • Integration Module
    • Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engine and Tier 3 License per TTS Voice Port




    • Server Platform - one of the following components:
      • Dell Server: Dual Power, Hardware RAID (LSI-H10302)*
      • Virtual Server: Requires client to provide virtual environment and network/tech support
      • Customer Provided Server: Minimum server requirements*
      • One of the following PRI Cards installed in the LSI Dell or Customer Provided Server for Traditional PBX:
        • Single PRI Card (LSI-H80502)
        • Dual PRI Card (LSI-H80602)
        • Quad PRI Card (LSI-H80702)




    • Server
      • 1 static IP, subnet, gateway, DNS, per device
        • 3 static IPs, subnet, gateway, DNS, per device if using a redundant configuration
      • Standard power (110V or 220V) per server
      • Ethernet network connection required for each server
      • UPS recommended
      • It is the responsibility of the customer to appropriately configure their network equipment so that the server pair appears to be residing on the same network and subnet.
      • NOTE: Serial and parallel ports have been disabled on the LSI server


    Download Phone Integration Product Sheet