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Single Sign-On is Here!

Tired of re-entering passwords and jumping between dashboards? We hear ya. Your Layered Solutions system now has single sign-on!

Put simply, single sign-on allows you to centralize your login credentials and access related (yet independent) software systems without re-entering authentication factors. Hey, anything that reduces steps to routine tasks and helps improve security is worth celebrating, right?

Need assistance? We’re happy to work with you if customization is required.

Integration Highlights

In recent projects, we’ve seen two LSI applications grow in popularity, particularly in campuses with multiple facilities, like colleges and universities:

  • Fire alarm integrations: Capturing feeds from all fire alarm system panels, regardless of manufacturer, and combining that data into a single stream. If you currently use Visual Campus (included at no cost with many LSI modules) you can also view multiple locations, real-time, on a single map!
  • PA & voice evac systems: Those aging PA and voice evac systems gathering dust throughout your campus? Use them to push out automated alerts to all buildings, simultaneously. Live paging is also available through this setup.

If the above sparks any ideas for potential integrations or manual steps you’d like to eliminate, we’re happy to answer your questions, offer guidance or assist with implementation.

Meet Mason!


Meet Mason Kaufer, the newest member of our programming team. In his role as software development engineer, Mason will help us identify and develop solutions to security, communications and efficiency challenges that keep you from doing your best work.