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    Safeguard Your Campus Community From Loss & Harm 


    Protests, attacks and other security threats on U.S. campuses continue to climb, rendering yesterday’s campus security tools inadequate to stop or minimize harm in today’s world.

    One such incident — the rape and murder of a student in 1986 — spurred the Clery Act, a federal statute requiring colleges and universities participating in federal financial aid programs to meet a series of emergency response requirements to keep students safe. Beyond the welfare of students entrusted to you, Clery Act violations can result in hefty fines, plus serious damage to your school’s reputation.

    We’ll help you stay compliant and secure by enabling instant, automated emergency alerts using multiple vehicles and formats so no alert goes unnoticed when every second counts.

    The outcome? Faster response, increased safety and compliance, and minimal loss in emergency scenarios.

    Essential College Campus Security Capabilities


    MASS COMMUNICATION - Instant, multimedia alerts reach everyone, everywhere.

    FIRST RESPONSE - Pre-programmable, automatic messaging, with location accuracy and faster response times.

    FIRE ALERTS - Visual map of fire location, pull stations, and pre-programmable response options.

    SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES - Activate cameras in any space and share with security or first responders.    

    BUDGET-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY - Integration with equipment you already have, with the ability to add new functionalities as you go.                

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    Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate
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