Some time ago, Mike Jones*, IT manager for a residential school for deaf youth ages 8-22, was tasked with a seemingly easy but tricky assignment: broadcasting the presidential inauguration live, with closed captioning to all TVs on campus.

Easier said than done.

The challenge:

For starters, “our TVs don’t have antennas or any other way to broadcast live TV,” Mike shared. There was no way to push out, auto play, and caption the livestream through conventional methods.

While YouTube offered those capabilities, Mike couldn’t push the YouTube feed to all TVs on campus without requiring added manual steps in each classroom.

The solution:

The school already used Layered Solutions software to integrate various technology systems. That means TVs across the school already “talked” with one another and could be controlled from a central dashboard or app on Mike’s phone.

Mike then found a stream that could auto-play and provide captions in a single URL. Next, he used the Layered Solutions dashboard to deploy that link to TVs in all classrooms and community spaces at once.

What would be possible in your organization if all TVs, digital signage, phones, computers, cameras, fire systems, security systems and more could “talk” with one another and be managed from a central app? How would that change the way you engage and deliver alerts to staff, students, customers, visitors?

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*We’re keeping “Mike” anonymous by using a fictitious name in this post.