Is your school intercom and paging system outdated?

school intercom and pa systemThis past year exacerbated technology challenges for schools, particularly those that were already behind the curve in security and communications automations. As a school leader, you’re expected to make big leaps forward in remote access, communications, security and productivity, but how do you do that when budget is tight and your staff is already overloaded?

The good news: You don’t have to replace existing school intercom technology to increase its capabilities.

Rather, you can increase automations, the reach and ease of deploying routine or emergency alerts by integrating technologies you already own.

School Intercom and Paging Capabilities

We’ll narrow our focus to intercom and paging capabilities in this post. Let’s say your intercom and paging functions work just fine, but features are limited and don’t cover all of your needs. As you imagine your ideal solution, it might include the ability to —

  • Page the entire district (or all campus buildings) at once by pushing one button.
  • Access a web-based bell scheduler, with the ability to add songs, adjust or add new schedules from any web-connected desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Push a button (whether on-site or remotely) to deploy preconfigured emergency alerts.
  • Page directly from a graphical interface, like a building map.

You can achieve those very capabilities (and more) with technologies you already own!

Instead of spending $25-$50K or more to replace your intercom and paging systems, you can layer the Layered Solutions software on top of your existing technology systems, enabling them to “talk” to one another and deliver a slew of new benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Another bonus of integrating versus replacing those systems: Lightning-fast implementation.

Here’s Rick with a quick demo of how this might work in your organization:

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