Alyssas Law Panic Button Solutions

Four Pennsylvania state representatives are working together to pass Alyssa’s Law in the Keystone state. Alyssa’s Law legislation requires public and charter schools to have silent panic alarm buttons in every classroom that connect directly to law enforcement. 

Alyssa’s Law is the result of the 2018 Valentines Day mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Student Alyssa Alhadeff, along with 16 others, tragically died in this event. Alyssa’s Law has been signed into effect in five states so far, and is pending legislation in an additional seven, as well as pending on the federal level.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Lisa Borowski joined her state representative colleagues Johanny
Cepeda-Freytiuz, Justin Fleming, and Kyle Donahue in support of this legislation, noting that PA teachers, students and parents in her state are suffering everyday with the threat of school shootings.

Alyssa’s Law does not target gun regulation but instead works to save time in the precious moments after a mass shooting threat has been identified. 
While Indiana does not currently have any pending or passed legislation regarding Alyssa’s Law, schools that meet specific requirements are eligible for funding for the installation of silent panic buttons through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Layered Solutions is proud to be an approved Active Warning System Vendor for Indiana school districts.

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