handshake 300x200 1For those not yet familiar with Layered Solutions, it may come as a surprise that our business model can also provide recurring revenue for technology integrators and resellers.

You see, our growth strategy is two-fold:

  • Solve communications and security problems for organizations.
  • Help resellers and integrators do the same for their customers, and close more sales.

What we do and how we drive revenue to partners

Put simply, our software enables your customers to reach more people, faster — whether that’s to expedite operations, resolve an emergency, or announce a sales promotion.

We make that possible by integrating and automating disparate technologies ranging from digital signage to fire panels, security cameras, AV, phone systems, and more.

These integrations are buildable over time, so the startup cost is small and buyers are compelled to come back to you to add features over time.

As a partner integrator or reseller, you’d be able to call us for any help in securing a sale: help with proposals, demos, webinars — whatever moves your prospects closer to a “yes.”

We’ll also train and support your customers post-purchase.

What’s it like to partner with us?

Mike Harmon, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at ESCO Communications has this to say about collaborating with Layered Solutions:

“Security and mass notification solutions have been a core part of ESCO’s offerings for decades. Layered Solution’s fresh software-based approach to campus-wide/enterprise daily and emergency communications has allowed us to build creative, unique and budget-friendly solutions for our customers.

Their approach is scalable, allowing us to work with our customers’ 3-5 year plans to build on their needs, year after year. ESCO has been a proponent of PASS, and LSI’s solutions have been part of several deployments where PASS guidelines were used as the foundation of the design of the overall safety solution.”

Are we a good match?

You’ll find partner benefits and a summary of our offerings in this handy PDF. You’re also welcome to email us directly at rick.wagner@layeredsolutions.com.

Let’s brainstorm on how we might help you meet your sales goals and set you up for a profitable year ahead.