Layered Solutions, Inc. recently released an update to their user interface with both functional and aesthetic upgrades providing a more user-friendly and accessible experience. 

Layered Solutions partners with organizations in education, healthcare, industrial, commercial and government sectors to integrate emergency and mass notification communications technology. Through the new user interface (UI2), clients can navigate through different scenarios and notify employees or students of an emergency or other important messages with the touch of a single button. 

Notification Before After

Based on client feedback, Layered Solutions has made several updates in their UI2. One of the most-desired improvements is the ability to “pin” a notification to the top of each client’s customized messages for their audience (show above), which will make the most urgent or most often used notifications the easiest to access at a moment’s notice. 

Another helpful update is a larger, easier-to-read Visual Campus feature (shown below). The Visual Campus map has also become more accessible with a “speak live” function, utilizing the native mic and speaker to make an announcement on whatever device you are using. 

Map Before After

Several current clients have been beta testing the new user interface, resulting in positive feedback. “It is easy to navigate and more user-friendly,” said Mohamed Arshad, an Instructional Technology Assistant at Willie Ross School for the Deaf. 

“I think this update is a huge improvement for a more streamlined, user-friendly experience,” said Caleb Wells, a staff member at Rocky Mountain Deaf School. “It is already proving easier for me to train new users to navigate the software and perform tasks.”

If you would like to learn more about these updates, Layered Solutions invites you to join their New User Interface Webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 11:30 a.m. Sign up today on our Google Form.

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