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The coronavirus outbreak has forced all of us to make the most of dwindling resources and find new ways to do business, engage staff and customers remotely.

As one famed entrepreneur put it, how organizations treat internal and external audiences during this crisis can shape their reputation and market performance for decades.

In the immediate term, business and safety leaders must tackle scads of emerging dilemmas, including:

  • Increasing the speed and reach of mass notifications when money is tight, supply chains are backlogged, and manpower is at a minimum.
  • Using unconventional facilities to fill unique needs (e.g. alternative customer service or patient care spaces).
  • Monitoring suspicious or unsafe activity throughout your building or campus without having to actually walk through your building or campus.
  • Disseminating instant alerts to quarantined staff, partners and customers when you can’t afford the chance they’ll miss your email, voicemail or social media post until it’s too late.
  • Ensuring special needs audiences (deaf, blind, non-English speakers, etc.) receive timely alerts and don’t fall through the cracks.

Just as important, you have to meet these needs…

  • without a facility or equipment overhaul
  • with minimal or zero need for employees to be on site
  • minimizing manual tasks with automations
  • tighter-than-ever budget
  • no spare time to wait on a complex implementation or equipment availability

The answer, in two words: integration software.

By enabling the communications and security technologies you already own to “talk” with one another, you’re able to view, automate and respond remotely with just a click or two on your desktop or smartphone. Implementation is fast, with no need for hardware, nor a big financial commitment.

With some of our integration modules, you also receive Visual Campus at no additional cost: a central dashboard where you can view and respond to threats across your entire campus, at once.

What might this look like at your organization? We invite you to request a demo and explore business and routine applications, both during and after a crisis.

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