With scads of applications in routine and emergency communications, mass notifications have the potential to enhance revenue, productivity, customer/employee engagement and safety.

Mass notifications can also ease your staff’s workload and reduce risks to the people, property and profits under your care. (More on potential applications in this guide.)

Three myths keep many organizations from enjoying these benefits.

Let’s clear up some misunderstandings:

Myth 1:
“I have mass notifications covered with [insert 1-2 technologies]”

Apps, paging systems, email and such are excellent tools, but what happens if someone’s phone goes dead, if they’re distracted, deaf, or can’t readily see/hear your alerts? (That’s super bad news in an emergency when people have just moments to respond, by the way.)

“Responsible emergency response (or any actionable alerts) requires numerous vehicles and formats so no recipient falls through the cracks,” said Rick Wagner, vice president of sales for Layered Solutions. “Integrate various technologies to ensure vital messaging doesn’t get lots or delayed!”

Myth 2:
“Mass notifications require a large investment in proprietary devices I’m stuck with long-term.”

In reality, you can leverage communications and security technologies you already own, even if they’re old or made from disparate models that weren’t made to play together or “talk” to one another.

(Here’s a list of the types of tech systems you can integrate.)

“With us, you’ll pay a very minimal yearly fee, simply for support and software upgrades,” Rick explains. “We use YOUR existing equipment. We want to prove our worth year in, year out. We never want our customers stuck with proprietary devices they are unhappy with.”

Myth 3:
“My needs will change in a year, so maybe I should wait.”

The beauty of integrating tools you already own is that (1) you can start small and add on capabilities over time, and (2) you can easily adapt and scale as your needs change.

One thing we learned in 2020 is that your organization can’t thrive without digital transformation. Integrating existing technologies to magnify their capabilities is a safe, inexpensive way to take a giant leap forward.

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