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Mass Notification for Higher Education

Keep students, staff and visitors safe across your college or university campus

Emergency mass notification systems for higher education has risen to priority status in the last decade as security threats and active shooter situations on U.S. campuses continue to climb. Yesterday’s campus security tools are inadequate to stop or minimize harm in today’s world.

Stay compliant and secure by integrating mass communications technologies you already own, enabling instant, automated mass alerts so you can instantly reach select audiences with just a click or two.

The outcome: Faster crisis resolution, a safer campus, and minimal loss to people or property under your care.

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Essential Higher Education Mass Notification & Security Capabilities

Fire Alerts

Visual map of fire location, pull stations, and pre-programmable response options.

First Responders

Pre-programmable, automatic messaging, with location accuracy and faster response times.

Budget-Friendly Technology

Integration with equipment you already have, with the ability to add new functionalities as you go.

Suspicious Activities

Activate cameras in any space and share footage with security teams or first responders.

Mass Communication

Instant, multimedia alerts help ensure no recipient falls through the cracks.

Big improvements don’t require big investments. Disparate communications systems you own today can be integrated for added functionality and automations.

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