• Wireless Panic Buttons

    Fixed or wearable devices that allow you to move in your space, stay productive and get help in the touch of a button.



    • Security within reach.
    • Wearable or discreet form of instant communication.
    • Configurable with any message to any recipient(s).




    • Single, two or four-button models.
    • Program any message to any button.
    • Triggers automatic connection to admin, other staff/employees or first responders via text, Twitter, RSS and CAP, PC pop-ups and/or phone calls.




    • Teachers, medical staff, technicians, counselors, and others can call for help and stay connected without inhibiting their movement and productivity.
    • Buttons can be configured with any message, so the sender doesn’t need to know a name or number to send a message.
    • Buttons can be activated and help can be summoned discreetly and without anyone’s knowledge.
    • Eliminate language barriers and automate routine messaging.


    >> Download Product Sheet (PDF)