• Video Public Address

    Easily record video announcements and automatically play on existing AV equipment in classrooms throughout the building.



    • Record a video with laptop webcam, then simply drag and drop into a file on your desktop to automatically play to all selected devices and locations.
    • Create educational or news videos for school broadcasts, e.g. ’Today in History.’
    • Visually communicate with all recipients at once.
    • Use existing technology in the classroom.




    • Integrates with existing AV equipment in the classroom.
    • Automatically plays video to Chromebooks, LCD panels, digital signage and/or PCs (Windows or Mac) in the classroom.
    • Pre-record media for situation-specific emergencies or everyday use.
    • Live video is also supported (camera is required and additional camera module).
    • Control all media from your desktop or mobile app.
    • Software interfaces with fire panels, social media, mobile apps and pagers and is easily activated in case of an emergency.




    • Attracts attention and visually engages students.
    • Makes disseminating a video fast, easy and automatic.
    • Cost effective.
    • Doesn’t require the purchase of additional equipment.
    • Emergency and everyday videos can be pre-recorded and easily activated.


    >> Download Product Sheet (PDF)