• LED Signage and Visual PA

    Improve routine communication and crisis response with a combination of voice and can’t-miss, visual messaging, delivered from a variety of devices.

    Product Overview


    • Reach anyone, anywhere with visual and voice messaging you can deploy simply by sending an email or tapping your smartphone.
    • Equal access to information for both visually and hearing impaired.
    • Activate signage, high-intensity flashers and audio intercom for individual, multiple or campus-wide devices.


    Product Features


    • Reach everyone by activating small, medium and large devices simultaneously, in stairwells, hallways, classrooms, offices, gymnasiums, and cafeterias.
    • Monitor sound and automatically activate messaging to reduce noise levels.
    • Enable two-way communication with audio speakers and microphone.
    • Coordinate colored, high-intensity flashers to message types (e.g. red/fire).
    • View status and deploy alerts for pull stations, open doors, too much noise, etc.
    • Initiate media content from emails, wireless buttons, motion detection and more, with click, tap, or drag-and-drop ease.
    • Integrate with existing technology, supporting multiple manufacturers and devices, including PoE displays, adaptive displays, advanced network devices, desktop/laptop computers, and more.


    Product Benefits


    • Multimedia alerts bypass distractions and reach all intended recipients, instantly.
    • Equal access to information.
    • Coordinated messaging across locations.
    • Visual communications improve routine operations and double as synchronized emergency notification devices when needed.


    >> Download Product Sheet (PDF)