You’re hard-pressed to communicate faster and better these days, but money’s TIGHT – maybe tighter than ever.

With that in mind, we set out to cook up new automations that would be both easy to implement and easy on your wallet.

Fast-forward a few weeks, and you can now add live video announcements to your daily or emergency mass communications — either as an add-on to your existing Layered Solutions integrations, or an affordable enhancement if you’re a new customer.

Either way, live video announcements typically use technology systems you already own. (Translation: affordable.)

Here’s the breakdown:

Reach select audiences faster via live video at a moment’s notice.

Reduce delays or manual steps in daily communications. Live videos are also ideal for timely alerts that require an immediate response.

(Some background: This feature was originally developed with schools and deaf students in mind; hence the emphasis on campus-wide, visual communications that can be deployed instantly. Organizations of all types can benefit from this capability — whether to promote a special offer, highlight upcoming deadlines, holiday hours, procedural changes, etc.)

This automation replaces audio-only paging, pre-recorded videos, and platforms that can present delays, access, or privacy obstacles beyond your control (e.g. Facebook Live, YouTube, etc.).

Live video announcements also give you more control over timing, as target audiences watch announcements at the moment of transmission versus sporadically at their convenience (or not at all).

How it works:
Push live video to various technology end points (e.g. computer screens, digital signage, video PA, etc.) connected to the Layered Solutions software.

  1. User clicks a button on a mobile app or web interface.
  2. Live camera view pops up using the webcam on your phone, computer, or tablet.
  3. User pushes “go live” and voilà: You’re live with all target recipients or locations.

What problems could you faster communications + automations solve in your organization?

We’ll help you explore real-life applications to ease your workload and move you closer to your goals.

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