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K-12 School Safety Software

Mass Notification Solutions for K-12 Schools
Keep Students & Staff Safe

Layered Solutions’ K-12 mass notification technology supports safe learning environments.

K-12 school safety is one of the top priorities of educators and parents alike. Schools should be among the safest places for our children. The reality, however, is that crises strike schools like yours every day.

When that happens, rushing to compose emails, make calls, and update social media accounts in the 6-11 minutes it takes law enforcement to arrive won’t cut it when you have seconds to broadcast critical or life-saving information.

Reduce risks by preparing for every scenario — severe weather, fire, evacuation, bomb threat, intruder, other emergency or routine alerts — to ensure the right message reaches intended recipients instantly, at the touch of a button.

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Essential K-12 School Safety Emergency Alert System Capabilities

Status Reports

Real-time capture and sharing of roll call, with the ability to ask for help and added accountability on the playground, field trip and more.

First Responders

Pre-programmable, automatic messaging, with location accuracy and faster response times.

Budget-Friendly Technology

Integration with equipment you already have, with the ability to add new functionalities as you go.

Suspicious Activities

Activate cameras in any space and share footage with security staff or first responders for faster, more accurate responses.

Mass Notifications

Instant, multimedia alerts help you reach audiences instantly, ensuring no recipient falls through the cracks.

Transform your school’s analog intercom infrastructure with InterCom+

Upgrade the outdated intercom units in your school in a cost-effective method. InterCom+ integrates with disparate systems to evolve your school into a fully IP-based system on your budget and timeline while providing many of the full IP-based system benefits immediately. And if you need to upgrade the accessibility of your system with two-way video and audio technology, check out our expanded InterCom+ Video offerings!

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Magnify the capabilities of your schools mass notification technology that you already own! Disparate systems can be integrated for added functionality and automations.

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Reach more people faster, with less effort.

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