InterCom+ Video

If you work in K-12 education, you’ve probably had to use a legacy intercom unit. To help support our educational clients, Layered Solutions recently introduced our InterCom+ system, which can integrate the latest in communication software with your school’s current infrastructure, allowing for the flexible replacement of single head end units as budgets allow. And now, we’re excited to increase the accessibility of this communication technology with InterCom+ Video!

How does InterCom+ Video work?

InterCom+ Video is a school intercom system — but with Video — allowing districts to provide two-way video on dedicated displays or on individual devices through our PC Alert functionality. Our Visual Campus software allows users to access specific classrooms, buildings or the entire campus with two-way video in an instant, from any smart device. Video calls can be made by administrators from the front office to classrooms, as well as between multiple classrooms. Our software also enables users to create pre-configured and fully customizable pre-recorded or live messages in the event of an emergency situation. 

A history of working with Deaf schools

Some of our longest-lasting clients here at Layered Solutions have actually been in the Deaf school community. Coming up with creative solutions to communicate with accessibility always has been, and continues to be, a passion for our team. “With our continued expansion of school intercom, we realized our deaf school community LSI users had no directly correlating system, no school intercom system,” said Rick Wagner, LSI Vice President of Sales. “InterCom+ Video is just this — bringing what is expected technology in most schools from an audible perspective and adding two-way video as well!”

Benefits of using InterCom+ Video

One of the biggest benefits our clients find in working with Layered Solutions, especially through InterCom+ and InterCom+ Video, is the management of costs. Because a majority of these systems are implemented through software rather than hardware, schools can use existing legacy technology and upgrade hardware on their own timeline. Clients also have the option of including going “all software” with our PC Alert-centered approach or utilizing a more dedicated display with LSI’s Media Controller. 

LSI’s new user interface is also more user-friendly and accessible than ever, with a larger Visual Campus map and the ability to “pin” a notification to the top of each client’s customized messages, making the most important alerts easy to access at a moment’s notice. As Caleb Wells, a staff member at Rocky Mountain Deaf School, explained: “It is already proving easier for me to train new users to navigate the software and perform tasks.”

Revolutionizing school communication

With K-12 school safety a top priority in our country, especially in recent years, Layered Solutions has developed technology that can instantly reduce your response time in an emergency. Whenever we schedule a demo with new clients, we always ask how many steps it takes for them to broadcast information in an intruder or severe weather scenario — and then we explain how we can reduce those steps and save precious time, and potentially lives. 

And we look forward to doing the same with InterCom+ Video! “Here at Layered Solutions, we have been changing the expectations for school intercoms over the last few years,” said Wagner. “This will revolutionize the way many schools communicate from classroom to classroom, classroom to front office, live video pages and more.”

If you’re interested in learning more about InterCom+ Video, we’d love to chat with you! Contact us at (317) 564-3208 or request your complimentary demo or strategy session online today!