One of the worst mistakes you can make with your security solutions is failing to update them as risks to your organization and the people you serve evolve. Thankfully, technology keeps evolving alongside risks, meaning you can now increase your capabilities without spending a ton.

New tech capabilities also mean you can automate and integrate with your current technology, extending the life and use of tools you already have, and freeing up staff time because you’re taking a ton of manual tasks off their plate. Technology integration also means fewer errors and delays — huge advantages when your audiences have only moments to respond to avoid loss or harm.

In this post, we cover essential considerations for integrated security, so you can reach anyone, anywhere, no matter what they’re doing.

Goals overview:


  • Automate your emergency preparedness plan.
  • Integrate new and existing emergency and mass notification technologies.
  • Initiate action and communications from your home screen or mobile device.
  • Reach all recipient groups by deploying communications in various formats and vehicles.
  • Monitor all systems, camera views and alerts from a single dashboard, via desktop or mobile.

How do you make that possible? Let’s break down tools and capabilities into three foundational areas: Communicate, Integrate, and Protect.



  • Ability to pre-record and customize messages.
  • Ability to disseminate communications in various formats so no recipient misses vital alerts and instructions.



  • Ability to integrate, automate and monitor disparate systems from a single, easy-to-use interface.
    • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Security Cameras
    • Two-way Radios
    • Door and Card Access
    • Phone System
    • Audio PA/Intercom
    • Mobile App
    • Digital Signage



  • Ability to monitor risks throughout the organization, deploy help and accurate intel for fast crisis resolution — all without having to jump around to a bunch of different programs and dashboards.
    • Real-Time Building Map & Live Camera View
    • LCD Panels, Digital Signage, Video PA
    • Wireless Panic Button
    • First responder deployment

Which of these do you have covered today, and where are gaps in your emergency preparedness and response?

Keep in mind you don’t have to plug all gaps at once. Prioritize needs and choose technologies that (a) play well with each other, (b) are stupid-easy for staff to use, and (c) can be layered and augmented over time.

Not sure where to start? We’re glad to answer questions and help you clarify next steps.

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