Carmel-based Layered Solutions is now an approved Active Warning System Vendor for Indiana school districts

Mass Notification News Update.  

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[CARMEL, IN] – [11/9/2023] – Carmel-based Layered Solutions is now an approved Active Warning System Vendor for Indiana school districts as identified by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). This approval signifies Layered Solutions Inc’s commitment to enhancing school safety and security in the state of Indiana as well as throughout the United States. 

The IDHS Secured School Grant Awards program provides critical funding to educational institutions to improve the safety and security of their districts. To qualify for these grants, schools must meet a certain set of criteria. For implementation, schools are required to follow specific guidelines and steps which can be found at the IDHS. Schools working through Sheriff offices that have been awarded this grant are not required to match the grant. 

Layered Solutions offers state-of-the-art mass notification systems designed to enhance the building safety of educational institutions, helping schools respond quickly and effectively to potential threats or emergencies. With this approval from the IDHS, Layered Solutions Inc becomes a trusted partner in safeguarding Indiana’s schools and educational communities.

“We are honored to serve as an Active Alert Vendor by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security,” said Rick Wagner, director of sales for Layered Solutions Inc. “Our team is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and services to enhance school safety. Being part of this vendor group validates this dedication.” 

School administrators, security personnel, and educational institutions interested in applying for Indiana Secured School Grant awards or learning more about the program can visit the official IDHS website for more information. You will find many details on the IDHS School Safety Program incuding the 2023 Secured School Safety Report.

Layered Solutions Inc remains committed to working collaboratively with schools, law enforcement agencies, and educational stakeholders to create safer learning environments for students and staff across Indiana.

About Layered Solutions Inc – an Indiana based mass notification system provider.

Layered Solutions Inc is a leading provider of innovative security and safety sotftware solutions for k-12 schools, higher educational institutions, healthcare facilities, businesses and organizations throughout the United States. LSI’s mass notification platform integrates disparte hardware systems you might already own to create cohesive, robust communications for routine and emergency situations.

This overlay system unites the hardware you might already own such as intercoms, access control, panic alert buttons, fire and more to save time and hopefully lives in a crisis. And makes daily annoucements & communications to your school easier. Layered Solutions is dedicated to enhancing safety and security for schools and business across the county. Learn more at