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Stop replacing and start repurposing your paging and intercom hardware.

The greatest generation, they taught us a lot. They worked hard, lived modestly and valued money over time. They never threw anything out and somehow their appliances lasted nearly their whole lives. Can you picture the old Frigidaire “ice box” from the 1950s your Grandma used for as long as you can remember. Or that rotary phone they used even when cordless was mainstream. It’s truly amazing when you think about that. They’d scoff at today’s wastefulness. 

Unfortunately, we don’t live in the same era as the greatest generation. All technology including communication hardware changes at an exponential rate. We’re conditioned to expect today’s latest and greatest technology could be outdated almost as soon as we buy it. And once it’s so bad we can’t take it anymore, we just toss it. But did you know that it’s possible to repurpose your old paging and intercom system?

Schools and businesses’ budgets resemble those of the greatest generation – they’re usually limited. No matter the industry, finding the funds to continually keep up with ever changing security and communication technology is unsustainable for most companies. Outdated tech causes frustration for the administrators who use the system and the CTOs who inherited them. With mass notification software systems, you can utilize your existing, working but outdated communication hardware.

The LSI OverLay transforms your existing paging, intercom and other disparate communication hardware into a budget conscious, flexible mass notification system.

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Layered Solutions’ Mass Notification Software was created with these obsolescence issues in mind. The LSI Overlay is a budget conscious, flexible system that can transform your dated hardware and technology into a robust, modern Mass Notification Platform. 

Benefits of the LSI Mass Notification OverLay

  • User friendly system for communication 
  • Increased security
  • Faster response
  • Extended life of dated hardware
  • Sync multiple buildings, campuses and / or diverse technologies into a single platform
  • Expandable as budget allows 
  • Analog, hybrid and full I.P. based solutions. 

LSI OverLay Standard Mass Notification System Features

  • Phone Interface Integration* – Integrate all building phone systems to each intercom system (*requires customer SIP trunk from phone system)
  • Campus Wide Paging – Instant live and/or pre-recorded
    • Segmented Audiences – Page by location, group from your phone system, computer or desktop mic
  • Web Based Bell Scheduler – user friendly & accessible from anywhere
  • Messages Dashboard – Create preconfigured messages (emergency or non-emergency) and then send with one click from your mobile app* or web browser. 

*mobile app included in enhanced features pricing.  

LSI Overlay Enhanced Features

The LSI Overlay is a flexible, modular system designed to fit today’s budget but also allows for expansion opportunities when budgets and grants become available.

With the LSI OverLay, you will be able to centralize your company’s communication and security technology under a cohesive umbrella regardless of manufacturers or building locations and optimize hardware that otherwise might fall to obsolescence. By utilizing and repurposing your existing paging and intercom hardware, you might just be able to make your greatest generation grandparents proud. 

Ready to transform your dated hardware to an IP based solution within budget? Let’s get started. Schedule a strategy session today.