PC Alert Software - School Lockdown Demo

PC-Alert is an innovative piece of a comprehensive mass notification platform

In any organization, the importance of effective and efficient communication cannot be overstated, especially in critical situations where calm and quick action is necessary. Enter PC-Alert, an innovative piece of a comprehensive mass notification platform designed to help how we communicate in both emergencies and everyday scenarios. 

What is PC Alert?

PC Alert can be an integral component of a mass notification system because it enables discreet communication. PC Alert was designed to help limit panic by delivering critical communication to teachers, team leaders, office managers and more directly on their computers, so they can calmly implement the safety procedures needed in that moment to improve outcomes. PC Alert also allows for the user to communicate with a central office, emergency responders and more depending on your configuration. As with most features or componsents of your mass notification system, the ultimate goal is alway to decrease response times and causalities.

It is important to note that when referring to PC Alert software compatibility, the term “PC” encompasses both Microsoft and Apple operating systems. Although we commonly associate PCs with Microsoft, Apple computers are personal computers, though the term “PC” is not commonly used in that context.

How Does PC Alert Work? 

PC Alert can be used to communicate with someone at their desk, discreetly. Messages can be sent to one specific user, selected users or all users depending on the trigger for the notification. 

PC Alert End-User Functionality

PC Alert leverages desktop icons as quick access triggers, facilitating efficient and convenient access to desired applications or functions. With these customizable desktop icons, end users can swiftly access preconfigured events with one click that have been set within the LSI’s PC Alert software, enhancing ease of use and efficient event monitoring.  Features and benefits of PC-Alert vary depending on your organizations software plan but can include direct connect to 911 and district wide paging

Directly Connects to 911 with PC Alert

LSI’s mass notification platform includes an add-on option of direct connecting to emergency responders. When enabled, an static icon on the user’s computers allows the user to discreetly and directly send a call for help to emergency responders. For school systems this is incredibly important because as we know decreasing response time leads to better outcomes. PC Alert also helps achieve Alyssa’s Law compliance for those states where the legislation has been enacted. Check out this article to learn more about Alyssa’s Law

Districtwide Paging

When being used as end points you can page to all including throughout the district or campus, corporation wide, individuals or just certain groups. End point communication is configured to specifications you outline in your crisis plans.  

What Types of Content Can PC Alert Deliver to End Users?

One question we get asked a lot is what type of content can LSI’s PC Alert deliver? The answer – a lot. The list is quite extensive and includes: 

  • Live weather maps
  • Word documents 
  • Videos
  • PowerPoints
  • PDFs
  • Jpeg
  • URLs
  • Sports schedules 
  • And more

If anything is missing from the above list, our team of system engineers can work to develop the programs and integration that achieve your goals. 

Real-Life Applications of PC Alert

The versatility of PC Alert means it has a wide array of applications, spanning various industries and scenarios. In educational settings, administration can instantly communicate lockdowns, weather emergencies or non-critical situations to teachers. In the corporate world, office managers can use PC-Alert to facilitate smooth operations, from announcing schedule changes to implementing safety protocols swiftly.

Consider a healthcare setting, where PC Alert plays a critical role. Medical staff moving between patient rooms and across departments can stay connected and informed, with alerts tailored to each user’s current location and role. PC Alert is software based so it follows the user not the computer hardware. This adaptability ensures that whether staff are at a stationary computer or a mobile cart, as long as they are logged in to their account they receive timely, relevant information that enhances both patient care and staff coordination.

Who Needs PC Alert?

The simple answer is: everyone. In a world where timely and effective communication can make all the difference, PC Alert stands out as an essential tool for ensuring that crucial messages are conveyed accurately and discreetly. Beyond emergency situations, its utility extends to everyday communications within any organization, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

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