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Healthcare Mass Notification

Keep Healing Environments Safe for Patients, Staff and Visitors

Healthcare mass notification technology ensures patient safety, care and satisfaction as well as the well-being of staff. Resolving gaps in emergency preparedness all hinge heavily on the immediacy and quality of your communications. So do your revenue and compliance with federal mandates. 

As a healthcare provider, each minute of each day demands countless, critical communications: expediting treatment, simplifying workflow and schedules, reducing noise and language barriers, activating first responders, or delivering life-or-death instructions.

We’ll help you improve patient experience, compliance, quality and cost of care — whether your organization is a doctor’s office or multi-campus health system. 

healthcare mass notification

Healthcare Mass Notification Essential Operations & Security Capabilities

Staffing Efficiencies

Put shift scheduling on autopilot with pre-programmable messages and replies.

Patient Experience

Faster response, admission/discharge times, and improved patient satisfaction.

Budget-Friendly Technology

Integrate with equipment you already have, with the ability to adapt and add new functionalities as needs evolve.

Suspicious Activities

Activate cameras in any space and share footage with security teams or first responders.

Mass Communication

Multimedia alerts enable you to reach select audiences instantly and discreetly, ensuring no recipient falls through the cracks.

Big improvements don’t require a hefty investment or technology overhaul. Disparate systems you own today can be integrated for added functionality and automations.

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Reach more people faster, with less effort.

Let us show you how.