Users accustomed to lengthy deployment cycles typical of large organizations find tremendous value in being able to react swiftly to operational challenges.

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  • Large Nonprofit Healthcare System

    Company Overview

    This large health system -- one of the largest in the nation -- serves more than 50 counties in Indiana, and is one of the state's largest employers.

    Key Challenges

    • Reduce the excessive time and effort (about 4 hours daily) spent trying to fill open nursing shifts.
    • Limit the use of the overhead paging system for emergencies only.
    • Reduce noise levels, increase patient satisfaction, HCAHPS scores and reimbursement levels.


    • Implementation of an automated, staff-by-phone system for nurses.
    • Small LED signage and virtual PA to offer a silent, visual way to communicate routine, non-emergency messages.
    • Fire panel integrated.
    • TAP interface with the nurse call system and Simplex hard-wired buttons in the NICU.
    • Patient satisfaction kiosk integration.
    • POE audio visual displays with high-intensity flashers, a speaker, sound meter and screen to scroll automated "Please be quiet" messages.
    • PC alert pop-ups for silent mass communications to about 20,000 workstations across facilities.


    • Fewer announcements and less noise over the PA system. Routine information is now communicated via small LED scrolling signs.
    • Automated staff-by-phone system eliminated the need to manually fill shifts, freeing up hours each day.
    • Faster nurse responses and fewer unfilled shifts.
    • Silent and immediate notification from patient rooms to staff with integrated hard-wire and wireless panic buttons.
    • Lower noise levels, with evidence to show sound-monitoring technology has changed staff behavior, increased patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores.
    • Staff buy-in and trust in the technology's swift and positive impact on daily routines.

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    • Phone Integration and Staff-by-Phone Automated Nurse Call eliminates wasted time and allow individuals to send pre-recorded audio or text-to-speech messages to lists of people. (In this case, messages about staffing open shifts.) Recipients reply with the touch of a button. It is also possible to automate codes and bed status reporting to improve room turns and wait times.
    • LED Signage and Visual PA signs support POE displays with SIP audio, sound monitoring, and emergency flashers, as well as multiple hardware manufacturers. Sound monitoring has increased patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores. Also includes an integrated 24-hour synchronized clock.
    • Instant communications to any/all PCs simultaneously and silently with PC Alert. Push weather alerts to PCs with current weather map, emergency alerts and instructions, even details about unplanned outages or situations. Create recipient groups by IP ranges, matching machine names or manually add PCs.