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  • From Emergency Response to Revenue Generation: Digital Signage Versatility

  • Organizations looking to incorporate digital signage into their emergency management tactics are often pleased to learn digital signage can also reduce costs and support revenue generation.

    The opposite is also true: companies looking to boost sales and marketing outcomes with digital signage are pleased to learn they can use emergency management budgets to fund it, since digital signage benefits both departments and objectives.

    In this post, we’ll cover ways your organization can use digital signage to support both revenue and safety.

    First up, 3 ways digital signage can shrink costs, enhance customer experience, and even generate sales.

    1. Reduces or eliminates the need for printed materials — brochures, posters, signs, coupons and other print pieces — freeing up thousands of dollars you may be spending on a recurring basis.
    2. Fewer delays and less staff time in correcting, updating, approving, and disseminating information.
    3. Ability to display custom messages (e.g. location-specific coupons, limited-time deals, featured product launches, changes in store/office hours, special guest welcome, paid ads or partner deals) at multiple locations, at the touch of a button.

    3 ways digital signage helps you reduce risks, prevent harm and loss:

    1. Disseminate critical alerts and instructions instantly, from a desktop or mobile app.
    2. Display reminders and alerts to prevent accidents or regulatory violations. (Especially helpful on manufacturing floors and healthcare settings.)
    3. Bypass language barriers, auditory distractions or impairment with visual displays (e.g. flashing lights, evacuation routes, active shooter locations).

    Finally, we close with a one-minute video showing how LSI integrates digital signage with mass notification and emergency communications to make all of the above possible:



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