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With many industries facing post-COVID delays in acquiring equipment, it is no surprise the mass notification industry is experiencing a shortage of hardware. For many companies and schools, this presents a problem in filling the needs of their team members to stay in the know and communicate effectively. A software only solution is a great option for those seeking an upgrade in their current communication system without waiting for months for the installation of hardware. Bonus perk: not PAYING for hardware!

Enhance Your IP Mass Notifications Efficiently and Affordably

Save time and money without sacrificing quality.

Using your business, hospital or school’s existing in building notification hardware, Layered Solutions can employ our software to enhance your IP mass notifications efficiently and affordably. Desktop computers, mobile devices and other installed equipment deliver what you need whether it’s a simple announcement to emergency lockdown alerts.

Layered Solutions creates a custom mass notification software solution with:

  • InterCom+ helps schools to stay within the budget using existing intercom systems while also getting a fully IP-based system. You can contact rooms with a desktop or smart device and speaker using an interactive map of the building, making it easy to stay in touch.
  • PC Alerts utilizes existing desktops to send instructions, alerts, pop ups and scrolling messages as well as a virtual panic button.
  • LSI Mobile App means you can check in with your team members on the move and provides access to emergency instructions and a panic button.
  • Visual Campus allows you to view potential threats and suspicious activities across campus from a single dashboard. From here, you can chat or deploy instant alerts. You will also have access to fire alarms, cameras, door access, phone systems, panic buttons and more.

When it comes to your staff, students, or patients, safety is the No. 1 priority. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. That affordability guarantees you can help more people in real time.

Mass notification software provides easy updates and more

Customized software-only solutions overcome the challenge of back-ordered mass communication equipment. Receiving updates and scheduling routine daily requests is easier with software tailored just for you. Dangerous or stress-inducing situations arise when you least expect them. Making sure you have an updated and working emergency alert system can ensure your students and staff stay safe.

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