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Deaf and Blind School Mass Notification

Making Security Inclusive:
Reach Blind, Deaf Students

How do you deliver deaf and blind school mass notification, time-sensitive instructions to audiences who may not see, hear, or understand routine communications formats? And how do you do so instantly when people under your care have just moments to react?

In our work with deaf and blind school leaders, we’ve helped many of your peers increase the reach, speed and ease of routine or emergency mass communications by integrating technology systems they already owned.

What does that look like in practice? We’ve interviewed leaders at the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) and American School for the Deaf (ASD). Here are their stories.

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Live Video Announcements

You can add live video announcements to your daily or emergency mass communications, either as an add-on to your existing Layered Solutions integrations, or an affordable enhancement if you’re a new customer. [more]

Strobe Lights Integration

For years, school leaders have asked us for outdoor strobe light integrations to gain deaf students’ attention when they’re outdoors. We’re thrilled to make that available.

Outdoor IP strobe lights can be used in different lenses and colors, integrate with other communications tools, and withstand outdoor/weather conditions.

Complimentary, Custom Consults for School Leaders

You’re invited to connect with us for a complimentary, custom consultation. We’ll share how other schools managed communications or security challenges similar to yours, even in a financial crunch: [book your consult]

Case studies:
Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) and American School for the Deaf (ASD)

Big improvements don’t require big investments. Disparate systems you own today can be integrated for added functionality and automations.

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