• COVID-19 Response & Prevention 

    COVID-19 has changed the way we work, live and manage organizations — forever.

    It’s time to reexamine technology automations and how your systems “talk” with each other to better protect your people, property and profits.

    Below you’ll find ways to improve, automate and accelerate your COVID-19 response and prevention, without a big investment or adding to your team’s workload.

    Benefits aren’t limited to COVID-19 applications, though. The same modules can be adapted to drive other desired behaviors as your goals and conditions change.



    Choose one or all modules. Either way, rollout is fast and affordable, leveraging technologies you already own. 

  • Keep the people under your care safe, prevent business losses and closures by automating COVID-19 screenings via mobile app, SMS texting, or email.

    • Increase employee awareness and compliance with health and safety procedures.
    • Add another layer of safety and disease prevention, in seconds.
    • Reduce manual labor while increasing safety monitoring.
    • Help prevent business closings and losses due to contamination.

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  • Use infrared technology to detect body temperature and disseminate alerts via your chosen channel(s).

    • Automated alerts sent via your preferred formats or channels (e.g. email, text, PA, mobile alerts, LED sign displays, strobe lights and more).
    • Live camera view or pop-up notification when/where abnormal body temperature is detected.
    • Automatically lock doors to secure affected areas.

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  • Social Distance Alerts: Keep people safe from harmful contaminants by automating social distance alerts across your facilities.

    Contact Tracing: In the event of contamination, trace contacts instantly to identify those at risk and stop the chain of transmission.

    • Track the movement of people in your facilities.
    • Automate alerts when people are too close for safety.
    • Trace contacts via easy-to-use, searchable data in the event of contamination.
    • Encourage safe habits and enhance employee awareness of safety procedures.
    • Facilitate compliance with CDC guidance, industry or local regulations.
    • Builds on your existing RTLS system.

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