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Keep Employees, Customers and Visitors Safe

Great customer experiences, employee engagement and even your ability to resolve emergencies quickly and bounce back from crises all hinge on your ability to reach the right recipients with the right messages, at the exact moment they need it.

In a crisis, being able to reach the right people instantly can help you prevent irreparable harm to people and property under your care. In your daily routine, it can increase efficiencies and profitability dramatically.

We’ll show you how to leverage technologies you already own to enable instant, simultaneous communications with multiple audiences, at the touch of a button.

By getting disparate systems to “talk” to each other, you get a slew of new capabilities without a massive tech overhaul. Plus, you’re able to adapt, tweak, and grow those capabilities over time as your needs evolve or new funding becomes available.

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Essential Routine & Emergency Communications Capabilities

Mass Communications

Reach select audiences instantly with multimedia notifications designed to ensure no recipient falls through the cracks or misses critical instructions.

Noisy Environment & Language Barriers

Counter distractions and communications barriers by scrolling and/or flashing alerts and reminders, plus pre-programmable response buttons.

Budget-Friendly Technology

Integrate with equipment you already have, with the ability to add new functionalities as needs evolve.

Suspicious Activities

Activate cameras in any space and share footage with security teams or first responders.

Action Plan

Resolve crises faster and eliminate wasteful delays with an automated plan and multimedia alerts.

Big improvements don’t require a hefty investment or technology overhaul. Disparate systems you own today can be integrated for added functionality and automations.

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Reach more people faster, with less effort.

Let us show you how.