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  • 3-minute demo: Integrating your paging systems

    Business, healthcare and school leaders often ask us to make their existing paging systems work together as one. What they're really looking for is greater automation, reach and ease when deploying[...]

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    Layered Solutions to Overhaul Intercom Systems at Lawrence Township Schools

    News release, September 21, 2020 INDIANAPOLIS — Layered Solutions, an Indianapolis-based provider of integrated emergency and routine communications, was chosen to update intercom systems for [...]

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    School Technology Integrations: 3 Ways to Improve Student Safety, Engagement

    Rising risks and shrinking budgets have long been challenges to student safety and adequate emergency management in schools from K-12 to higher ed. Then came COVID-19. Risks skyrocketed, [...]

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    The Future of Work: Contact Tracing?

    Contact tracing is nothing new. For decades, it’s been used to contain the spread of infectious diseases like Ebola, SARS, MERS, tuberculosis and other outbreaks, explains McKinsey. It’s also a[...]

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