kingsway case study

Integrating mass communication technologies for better, faster response.

What happens when you have only moments to react and disseminate critical, emergency instructions to protect people and property under your care?

And how do you reach multiple audiences instantly, bypassing distractions or communications barriers, with minimal delay or chance of human error?

Robert Iocona — Chief Technology Officer for Kingsway Regional and South Harrison Township Elementary School Districts (Woolwich Township, New Jersey) — shares key considerations and solutions he’s adopted with Layered Solutions for integrating technologies and improving emergency response and resolution.

From the Client

“We were looking for something all-encompassing. Something that could be integrated with third-party cameras, alarm systems, signage, and more. Integration was very important to us, and Layered Solutions was the only vendor we found able to do that.”
Robert Iocona, Chief Technology Officer
Kingsway Regional & South Harrison Township