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Panic Buttons:
Wireless and Virtual

Expedite help to distressed staff with wireless and virtual panic buttons

Fixed or wearable panic devices, as well as “virtual” distress buttons on your computer desktop or LSIMobile App allow you to feel safe and get help with the click of a button.
Employee Panic Alarms

Product Features

  • Program any message to any button.
  • Triggers automatic connection to admin, other staff/employees or first responders via text, Twitter, RSS and CAP, PC pop-ups and/or phone calls.
  • Your panic button can be: Hardwired panic button, Discreet under-desk smart IP button, LSIMobile App virtual panic button, Customizable desktop icon from PC Alert, Specific keyboard keystroke, Calling a designated phone extension, and much more!

Product Overview

  • Security within reach of any button, desktop or mobile device.
  • Wearable, discreet or mobile forms of instant communication.
  • Configurable with any message to any individual or group.
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Your Benefits

  • Teachers, medical staff, technicians, counselors, and others can call for help and stay connected without inhibiting their movement and productivity.
  • Panic buttons can be configured with any message, so the sender doesn’t need to know a name or number to send a message.
  • Panic buttons can be activated and help can be summoned discreetly and without anyone’s knowledge.
  • Eliminate language barriers and automate routine messaging.
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