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SMS Texting and Browser Integration

Expedite alerts with SMS Texting and Browser Integration

Enable better, faster decisions by leveraging stakeholders’ digital habits.
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Product Features

  • Speak or text from a smartphone to page other smartphones.
  • Easy interface with Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.
  • Outgoing and incoming Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP).
  • Text messaging to Vocera Badges.
  • Incoming text alerts from Massimo heart monitoring.
  • Common Alert Protocol (CAP), RSS, Twitter feeds.

Product Overview

  • Bring decision-makers together, using the very tools they already use: mobile texting and web.
  • Low-cost solution integrates and magnifies technology you already have.
  • Browser-based paging accessed from any location and any browser.
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Your Benefits

  • Immediate yet discreet delivery of time-sensitive instructions.
  • Eliminate wasteful delays and manual processes to deliver critical information to multiple recipients at the same time.
  • Minimal startup cost as solution integrates with and magnifies what you have now.
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