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Active Shooter Detection Systems

Resolve crises faster with Active Shooter Detection Systems integration

Counter threats, keep people safe, and resolve active shooter incidents faster with greater threat visibility, notification speed and accuracy.
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Product Features

  • Push location maps to a variety of web-enabled devices including PCs, digital signage, and mobile apps.
  • Push text messages with shot detection location to smartphones.
  • Bring decision-makers into a conference call, instantly.
  • Access and direct camera views to at-risk locations, providing critical knowledge to security staff and first responders.
  • Deploy immediate instructions (e.g. locking all doors, or best exit routes).

Product Overview

  • Enable faster, safer resolution of active shooter incidents.
  • Provide real-time intel to first responders and deploy mass notifications, instantly.
  • Enhance and integrate existing technology behind a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

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Your Benefits

  • Prevent or minimize harm to people under your care or on your property.
  • Provide first responders with immediate, accurate intel to counter threats.
  • Empower building occupants with relevant, actionable knowledge to ensure their safety.
  • Faster incident resolution, reduced loss to people or property.
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