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Security Camera Integration

Integrate Security Cameras for Better Monitoring, Faster Emergency Response

When people or property are in harm’s way, every second counts. Automatically push event and motion-activated live camera views to administrators, security staff and first responders.
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Product Features

  • Motion-activated and event-activated options.
  • Select onsite or remote cameras from a centralized graphic display.
  • Automatically record and store video.
  • MJPEG or MP4 stream supported.
  • Integrate with fire panel, door and card access, public address, contact closures, wired or wireless buttons and more.

Product Overview

  • Cameras are activated by pre-determined events or motion.
  • Live views are pushed to desktop, tablet and/or LCD screens.
  • Graphically select cameras/views from a browser screen.
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Your Benefits

  • Live camera views automatically pop up on administrator and security personnel’s screens.
  • First responders can access live camera views and a graphical location map en route to your emergency.
  • Easily select live camera views across campuses and remote locations from one browser screen.
  • A visual record of activity.
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