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PC Alert

Grab your audience’s attention with PC alert

Launch private pop-up alerts and time-sensitive instructions on recipients’ PCs. Use PC alerts to facilitate routine communications or expedite warnings such as severe weather, intruders, lockdowns, shelter-in-place commands, fires, and other threats.
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Product Features

  • Launch instant alerts from a desktop icon in just two clicks.
  • Digitize your emergency preparedness plan.
  • Group by IP ranges, match machine names or add PCs to the group.
  • Send with or without sound.

Product Overview

  • Emergency alerts and instructions pop-up and scroll across PC screens.
  • Customizable for daily messaging, code alerts, unplanned outages, severe weather and more.
  • Push alerts, messages, and instructions to one user or everyone all at once.
  • PC and Mac compatible.
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Your Benefits

  • Send discreet messages to select individuals or groups without broadcasting to everyone.
  • Enable recipients to act quickly and discreetly without inciting panic or alerting an intruder.
  • Automated emergency response plans eliminate searching, confusion and panic and can save lives.
  • Use for routine daily requests, schedule updates, reminders, etc.
  • Reduce Help Desk calls by alerting recipients of updates, instructions and outages.
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