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Stay Connected with the LSIMobile App

People aren’t always at their desks or even in the building when questions and emergencies arise. Take communication and safety with you when you go using our sleek and user-friendly LSIMobile app.

Product Features

  • Push emergency alerts and instructions to everyone with a central panic button for administrators, including pinned messages and distinctive icons.
  • Push and color encode text messages up to 350 characters to one person or an entire group.
  • Communicate with users from a Visual Campus video call to PC Alerts or Media Controllers, including fullscreen mode.
  • Configure response buttons for recipients to check in with administration (e.g. ‘I’m Ok’).
  • Quickly send your GPS location, name and cell number back to the server.
  • Automatically notify first responders.
  • Wireless temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Send requests to a group of recipients and allow them to respond with configurable buttons (e.g. to fill a nursing shift or find a substitute teacher).

Product Overview

  • Check in with team members on the move, individually or as a group.
  • Push emergency instructions to pop up on mobile screens.
  • Use the app’s central panic button to send alerts, request help and show location.
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Your Benefits

  • A digitized emergency response plan ensures that it works anywhere, at any time.
  • Admin and first responders can track the status of everyone in one simple user interface on a central desktop or their app.
  • Pinpoint the location of anyone who requires assistance, either in a list view or by collapsing that list into a bubble indicating the quantity of personnel in each space.
  • Mobile users can stay connected to team members and get help when they need it.
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