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Missing Child And Person Alert

Speed the recovery of missing persons with instant mass alerts.

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Far from rare occurrences, people go missing at private events and properties every day — particularly in large, public or crowded spaces. Children get separated from guardians, seniors wander off from caregivers, teens take unexpected routes, or worse. Recently, a relative of an LSI staff member spent hours searching for his mother, a dementia sufferer, at a local airport.

Missing persons are one of many scenarios businesses must consider in their emergency planning. When someone goes missing under your care or property — customers, students, employees, visitors and more — the quality and speed of your organization’s response can make a big difference to the missing person, and also to your reputation.

With that in mind, Layered Solutions has created a tool that enables you to disseminate actionable alerts to smartphones, emails, digital signage and PC screens, within seconds.

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Product Overview
How It Works In 3 Steps

  • Obtain a recent photo of the missing child/person.
  • On a computer running the Layered Solutions PC Alert, place the photo file in the designated desktop folder.
  • Photo immediately goes out to select user groups on all mobile app endpoints. Photo can also be emailed, displayed on connected PCs and digital signage.

Product Features

  • Instant dissemination of missing child/person’s photo and instructions to the security team and other select audiences via mobile, PC alerts and digital signage.
  • Photo can be obtained from a mobile phone, card access system with pre-loaded photos, or other means.
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Your Benefits

  • Respond faster to find missing persons, especially children separated from their guardians in large, public or crowded spaces like amusement parks, school campuses, events and more.
  • Reduce delays and manual steps when every second counts for an individual’s safe recovery.
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What problems can Layered Solutions solve for you?

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