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Transform your school’s analog infrastructure with InterCom+

Upgrade your legacy school intercom units in a cost-effective method. InterCom+ integrates with disparate systems to evolve your school into a fully IP-based system on your budget and timeline while providing many of the full IP-based system benefits immediately. Maintain routine or emergency communication with the touch of a button on any smart device! 
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messages dashboard
The Messages Dashboard can initiate a page,
preconfigured message and more actions,
plus pin high priority messages at the top.
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Easy, web-based Bell Scheduler
VC Paging Room
Visual Campus showing a call active with notes.

Product Features

  • The InterCom+ overlay hardware sits on top of your disparate intercom systems to allow for a web-based bell scheduler, web-initiated emergent messages, calls from the LSI Mobile App, and usage of LSI’s Visual Campus.
  • InterCom+ Analog Headend allows you to maintain your current analog two-way infrastructure (for budgetary purposes) while updating the headend equipment.
  • InterCom+ Hybrid also allows for mixed use of analog devices and cabling while replacing with IP as needed to eventually be full IP or remain a hybrid system for many years! 
  • InterCom+ IP helps you to evolve into a fully IP-based system with IP speakers, call-ins, infrastructure and enjoy the true benefits of this uniquely flexible system. 

Product Overview

  • InterCom+ is a complete hybrid school intercom system, allowing districts to work on their own pace and budget to get to a fully IP-based system, maintain and replace a current analog infrastructure or anything in between. 
  • Users can set up pre-configured and fully customizable messages (including text-to-speech) and Visual Campus users can zoom in and out on different buildings and/or floors, giving them the ability to page district-wide or by buildings in an instant. 
  • Calls from the front desk can be made using the native device mic and speaker with our Visual Campus interactive map of the school (and similarly flexible options for classrooms to communicate back to the front office). 

Your Benefits

  • Most frequently used or most important emergency messages can be pinned to the top of the dashboard to allow for quick access on any web browser with access to LSI’s new user interface. 
  • LSI Bell Scheduler is available to any user with the proper credentials and a connection to the server, either on-site or remotely, with messages including both audio AND visual endpoints. 
  • Costs will also be well-managed for full district upgrades by allowing for the flexible replacement of single head end units as budgets allow. 

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InterCom Video

Our innovative InterCom+ Video is a school intercom system — but with Video — allowing districts to provide two-way video on dedicated displays or through our PC Alert functionality. Not only will administrators have access to all campus pages and two-way live video between the front office and classroom, but InterCom+ Video is also capable of classroom-to-classroom live video! Costs will also be well-managed for full district upgrades by allowing for the flexible deployment of rooms, wings and buildings on your timeline including going “all software” with PC Alert centered approach, or utilizing a more dedicated display with LSI’s Media Controller.

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