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Fire Alarm Systems Integration

Respond to threats faster with fire alarm systems integration

Resolve emergencies faster, eliminate technician delays and unnecessary service calls. Access fire alarm pull station data and manage alerts across your facilities via a Centralized Fire Panel Manager.
Fire Alarm System Portal

Product Features

  • Centralized alarm monitoring.
  • Display fire panel messages on LED signs, PC pop-ups and the mobile app.
  • Create emergency messages ahead of time that can be automatically launched to the PA and Voice Evac.
  • Initiate a live or text-to-speech message using your cell phone.
  • Automate trouble alerts by email or SMS to technicians.

Product Overview

  • Monitor all fire panels and alerts from your desktop or mobile app.
  • Link different manufacturer panels into one system (voice and data).
  • Integrate re panels with other forms of mass notification.
  • Push unique evacuation routes to PCs and Digital Signage for multiple locations.
  • Push live building map with active devices first responders.
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Your Benefits

  • Leadership has a comprehensive picture of fire panels across all locations.
  • Evacuation happens faster when alarms and instructions are communicated automatically via various forms of communication.
  • Integration with phone, text and mobile app makes it possible to communicate live messages on the move and using a cell phone.
  • First responders can pinpoint pulled alarm and other information en route to a location.
  • Technicians are alerted to maintenance issues and trouble calls automatically.
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