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Door Card Access

Keep people and property safer with integrated Door Card Access

Track all building entrances and exits, and automatically activate cameras and notify administrators when doors are held or forced open.
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Product Features

  • Monitor all entrances and exits from your desktop or mobile app.
  • Lock all doors using contact closures.
  • Automatically push to public address to announce ‘door held open.
  • Integrates with security cameras.
  • Automatically push live camera views to admin and security when doors are forced open.
  • Software interfaces with security cameras, phones, mobile apps, pagers and audio public address and is easily activated in case of an emergency.

Product Overview

  • Receive visual notifications when doors are held or forced open.
  • Protect your people and property with restricted access and security camera surveillance.
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Your Benefits

  • Easily deny or restrict access to entire buildings, hallways or rooms.
  • Eliminate or reduce the need for security officers at all entrances and exits.
  • Add a layer of safety and security for front desk employees.
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