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Audio PA / Intercom Integration

Audio PA & Intercom Integration

Automatically initiate or interrupt visual messages and programming with emergency instructions, videos, presentations and daily announcements.
Audio PA Intercom Integration

Product Features

  • Connect entire districts, campuses and remote locations.
  • Select paging and communication zones from a centralized graphic display.
  • Page simply, without confusing DTMF codes.
  • Pre-record messages for any situation.
  • Speak live or use text-to-speech options from a cell phone.
  • Integrate with outdoor Giant Voice.

Product Overview

  • Page and communicate to one or all of your locations.
  • Use tones, live, recorded and text-to-speech messages.
  • Launch pre-defined messages for quick activation.
  • Integrate with and enhance legacy public address systems.
  • Browser-based bell scheduler.
  • WAV and MP3 support.
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Your Benefits

  • Communicate quickly to multiple locations with the same information, at the same time.
  • Eliminate panic and confusion by planning and recording messages in advance of emergency situations.
  • Admin and first responders can communicate in the moment and on the move by activating the PA system from a cell phone.
  • Simultaneously integrate with outdoor Giant Voice to reach people anywhere.
  • Maximize investment by enhancing your current PA system or integrate seamlessly with legacy PA systems.
  • Use as new PA head end.
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